I want to know if there is any software that can enable me to remove a layer of instrument/vocals from the song. E.g. i input a mp3 file and then i remove the lead guitar and vocals. Can we do that with a software?
Short answer: no.

Longer answer: It would take a lot of computational power and clever software to do it. If it exists, it's going to be bloody expensive!
Not really.
I once found a vst called center pan remover which was helpful to remove most of the vocals, but it wasn't great and it didn't do good with half of the songs I put through it and it worked with vocals only.
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Sometimes you can split it into two mono tracks and reverse the phase on one side and it'll get rid of most of the center vocals. Usually this leaves everything else sounding really weird, though.
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So if i want a backing track thats not readily available. ill have to make it on my own?
Pretty much.

Or just export a mp3 of a guitar pro file or something.
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