Hey guys,

I'm not one to record tracks like this myself but I really wanted to make a gritty, loud, dissonant track that avoids a real form of strict tempo/timing/groove. Pretty much down to my tastes in heavy dissonant music.

The mix is made to reflect this (with my vocals recorded through a bass amp setting) and so I'd like comment mostly on composition and my vocals for what it's worth.

If you leave me a crit, leave me a link and I'll get back to you asap.


I have liked some of your other music, so I thought I'd give this a shot even though the written description did not sound like something I would like. Yeah, this is way too heavy, noisy, and dissonant for my taste. The vocals sound more like modern metal (I'm more into metal that is at least 20 years old) to me than punk in my opinion (unless there is a new style of punk that I'm not aware of). I have little doubt someone on this forum will like this considering all of the hard core tunes around here. At least your thread got bounced to the top. Please review my music at this link: