I make guitar covers from time to time and i use mixcraft for my recording. My audio recordings are pretty basic ( insert a backing track and record a guitar over it). However, i want to improve my videos a little perhaps make a cover similar to that of Lick Library videos. Which software would you recommend? consider that i know nothing about video editing.

Also, how to i show different angles e.g (close ups of of the fret board, side views etc) do i make seperate videos of different angles and mix them into one video?
Yeah, to show different stuff you usually record with more than one camera at a time and you cut and paste the things you like together.

To do basic stuff, windows movie maker on a pc or iMovie on a mac will do.
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i used to work with magix movie edit pro.
It isn't really expensive and it is easy to use.
take a look:

i believe you can download a 30 day trail
so you can try it out

when working with different angles, i would recommend recording every angle separately.
but i'm not a pro with video recordings
In my lessons, to get the different angles I just move the camera or my chair, then just cut the video so it looks like an instant transition between the two angles. A tripod is probably going to be necessary to get good fretboard views, if you don't already have one of those. They're fairly cheap though, not a big deal.