I want to get a new snare, and I don't know which one to get. Unfortunately, its between quite a few. Currently, I have a 13x7 Pork pie patina brass, but I'm looking mostly into wood ones. I play mostly metal. Should I get...
14x7 Tama Birch/ bubinga
14x7 Pork Pie Cherry/ bubinga
14x7 Pork Pie Hickory over brass
14x8 Tama Starclassic Bubinga
14x7 Orange county 30 ply maple
14x7 heirloom drum co zebrawood snare
14x7 pork pie hammered brass
Sorry, I have no experience with any of those drums haha.

I think you'll just have to try them all out in a shop (although I can't think of many that would hold all of them at any one time).

For metal, the 14x8 may be more preferable just because its likely to be louder, and since woods won't cut as much as a metal snare you may need that extra shell depth to cut through.
I would opt for the 14x7 Birch/Bubinga model because you're gonna get the same projection and tone as the Cherry/Bubinga and full Bubinga models for a significantly lower price. If cost is no object here, and you're going to opt for a translucent finish.... then go for the 14x8 bubinga model as it has the more attractive grain pattern.
I'd go to a bunch of stores and see if you can try any of these. I find snares to be a VERY personal thing and without us knowing what you're really going for, it's kind of hard to tell you what to be looking at...
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