What's up my fellow guitarists? I'm working on a little jam for a music project of mine and I was hoping to get a little feedback. This song is metal inspired with some quick hints at other genres I am a fan of. I made a fake backing track to play the rhythm while I play the lead.

The recording is just through a decent phone camera and it's audio only, but it's definitely good enough for you dudes to take stabs at.


The song is only about half finished. A full recording will be available in a week or so.
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Returning the crit It's a different approach to the style for sure (that's a good thing!). I especially liked the section midway where the clean pattern comes in. I'm a sucker for melody so I quite enjoyed this. Would love to hear a proper recording without the midi instruments though! Hit me up if you record a full version and I'll definitely have another listen!