I'm new to this section and a bit scared to post because there's a lot of great stuff in here and I've never shared my music.

I get frustrated with sometimes not being able to play what I write so I consciously made it simple this time. It's sort of rock or pop with some metal elements. It's a bit raw and unpolished in certain tracks.
I didn't do the 5/8 and the 17/16 so it certainly lacks originality. Took away the lyrics as they're a bit personal

I'd really appreciate any comment, have no idea if this is really terrible

The file size exceeded the thing so here's a link https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/102111217/WorkInProgress/MyRiffs/melody2.zip
Sup dawg. Sounds good, the riffs are good and it's pretty catchy but it gets really repetitive -- you can't tell the difference between sections.

Except when you get to 120, though; then it gets super crowded and you can't tell any instruments apart. I'd consider maybe dropping/muting some of the tracks (I muted the two solo tracks and it sounded a lot better).

Also what's up with the 2/4 signature? That's probably what made the file too big.

Anyway yeah it's good but needs a bit more variation.
Thanks man Yes I thought it might be a bit repetitive, the whole thing is kind of based on the same riff so maybe it gets boring. OK the thing in 120 needs to stand out, it was just gonna be the tapping but I put another melody over it and think it does more harm than good and yeah now you say it the thing I actually wanted to emphasize has drowned out.

Hm 2/4 it was originally a bit different and the rhythm in my head corresponded to that. It probably sounds more like 4/4 in bpm 240? I need accentuation after 2 beats, but it's pretty much 4 I guess.
Sounds like real power metal to me. As said before, it sounded nice, but repetitive, the whole song apart from intro is one long musical theme. Reduce the amount of instruments, no need for a synth and a flute, and additional guitar tracks. Just make it 4\4 in 120.