This is my band's single off our EP (The Egocentric Predicament) I play lead guitar.
Our drummer recorded with some budget so the quality isn't that great.
Give me your honest opinion on the vocals.


Here's our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheAddictiveGuilt
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The vocals are pitchy at times (the weakest part of the song in my opinion), otherwise I like them; I like the vocal melodies. Pitch correction (I like Melodyne) might help a lot. Audio quality is good to me. Instrumentally everything sound quite good: nice riffs & playing. Not sure if the drums are real, but they sound good. Nice song! Please review my music at this link:

I like it. Definitely very catchy. Vocals are a bit off pitch at times, but that can be remedied and isn't too bad to my ears. There's definitely a voice there and that's the important part. Recording quality actually sounds pretty decent to me. The instrumentation all works together very well, the song is well composed. Solo could be a bit stronger in my opinion it felt a little wandering, but that might be due to differences in taste. Thanks for the crit on my song! Know that your chorus successfully stuck in my head.
Very catchy indeed! The vocals are definitely the weak point especially in the beginning. At times good, at times cringey, but there is potential without a doubt, so it's all about practicing. Not a huge fan of the repetitive lyrics as they are the driving point here due to the simple instrumentation. Snare sounds a bit hollow, but that may just be the style.

There is a lot of potential, so keep rockin'. Would love for you to check out our new song featuring a bit of slightly pitchy vocals as well: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1631043
I like it. I like the drums, and I like the lead vocal melody for the main verses. I'm not sure I'd say this vocal is too pitchy, just sort of rough/garage-bandish, which I don't mind. Now, the backing vocal is crap. The idea might (I say might) be okay if the vocal were done better, but I'm thinking it may just be a bad idea period. If you want/need something here to embellish or provide counterpoint or whatever, maybe think of adding an instrumental or synth riff, or something else.

There is a break / interlude section of the song (not sure it would be chorus?) around 1:20, and I think the lead vocal melody there is too simplistic / monotonous, but it ultimately starts to build back to the main chorus line, and that build is okay. Maybe the monotony works to make contrast with subsequent built, but still not sure it works.

The rhythm guitar distortion is a bit too much of a wall of fuzz, to me. I think Weezer has had some success with this, but I think it's not the best sound IMO, and I think it is hard to sound unique when you have this going on. I also think the drums are interesting, till they come in with all the hi-hat / cymbal / whatever, and then that's just too much of that for me, but I like the other drum work.

Overall, a nice garage band song I could see listening to and enjoying if the chorus vocals are fixed or removed.

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