Hey can you guys help me out here. I love melodic death metal but I feel sometimes it's more limiting on what a guitarist is expected to play than progressive metal. Is there any bands I should listen to that go from "Cockroach en Fleur" by Baroness to "In hell is where she waits for me" by black dahlia murder?
I ask because my band wants to write melodeath (all brutal and stuff) which I like but I don't know how to incorporate the clean and open passages I often come up with
If you want to break the limitations of the genre you put on yourself, maybe you shouldn't try to be any genre and just make music that you like instead.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Why bother with being so strict on labels? Just write music. If your bandmates don't like that it's not "melodic death metal", then maybe you should keep it for yourself.
I agree with AlanHB, write the music that you like, because who would need the music, which does not even like those musicians
I think TS knows that, guys. Seems more like he's asking for songs that have heavy to clean transitions like the songs he's talking about so he'll have a better idea on how to write them.

Maybe Be'lakor or Cormorant have stuff that'll help?