It all sounds very well mixed and produced, but the singer is a bit off key in a LOT of places. The odd thing about that is whoever is singing has a pretty good voice and it fits well with the style, its just a matter of intonation. I think if you rerecorded it, it could be even better. Instrumentation wise and production wise, it is very well done!

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I'm the singer, I kinda threw the vocals together at the last minute but I've looked at all the vocals through a pitch analyzer and most of of the vocals are within 5 cents of the correct pitch, with the worse infractions being around 20-25 cents off. Ill try re-recording it again and working it over again. The vocals took me about 30 minutes to record so I didn't exactly put a lot of effort into them lol. Thanks for the advice, Ill C4C shortly
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Very nice! Since dagget already commented on the vocals, I'll focus on the other parts.

I feel that the drums (especially the snare, hates, & cymbals) get buried during the chorus partly because of the big synth that comes in. Overall I think it's a solid cover you did a good job of balancing everything especially for the verses.

In regards to getting the vocals to sit better you might want to consider a slight volume reduction and some subtractive eq.

Good job!

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