im trying to learn "Rock you like a hurricane" main solo. I just cant get the slide to sound the way this guy does it i.e at around 2:30. Does he just slide his finger over the low e? or does he pluck and slide over while pressing his finger on the fretboard or does he press on more than one string?


Btw what eq settings should i use for this tone?
Currently i use Bass-3, Mid-2, Treble-9, Presence- 7
he uses the pick to scrape the low e and make a chromatic sounding slide. so basicly slide your pick on the note he does and slide fast up and down it will sound chromatic.
and forgot to mention you have to keep pressure on the pick but not too much its a finesse thing. as for setting i dont know what effects you use (if any) and hint would be to make sure your pickup is turned up loud enough so you hear the whole slide. some reverb might help to make it sound more "fluid"
its 100% right its just a matter of you practiing it enough its an unnatural motion to most guitar players unless they allready know how to do it