I've had my eye on getting a couple new effect pedals such as a reverb, wah, delay. I've already got a couple pedals(Boss DS1, Ibanez TSDX9, EHX Big Muff Wicker, EHX Small Clone). Would it be worth continuing to by buy individual pedals or just spend the money and get a multi effetcs pedal such as a Line 6 pod hd500x?? With the amount of money I'm looking to spend on pedals should I just go with a Line 6 pod hd500x or does it not do a good job as individual pedals would?

I've never used a multi effects pedal before but I like the idea of it coming with a lot of models as well as a loop, volume/wah, etc...
It depends,
It really has a lot of routing and control functions that are hard to do with individual pedals.
Plus, you'd be getting the amp modeling which is always good for recording. It also can function as a recording interface.

What are you trying to get out of it?
The HD is good for amp modeling but the Gt-10/100 has been said to have better effects and control parameters.
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You know, if your willing to spend the time with it, processors are great. I personally want to just twist a few knobs and have great tones, so they're not really for me.

Awesome recording solution.
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The way I look at it is this:
Multifx pedal costs the same as X number of individual pedals.
Does multifx give you the capabilities of >=X number of individual pedals?
That should help you think about your decision.
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If you just want a lot of effects, then get some of the Line 6 M series multi-fx. POD is more expensive because it has amp and cab sims and stuff, if you don't need that save your money and get some of the M series products. It's the same quality.
My experience is that they're a jack of all trades and a master of none.
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I have a Strymon Mobius and I'm pretty sure I won't be buying seperate modulation pedals ever again. Sounds amazing!
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money wise? yes. i have expensive taste, and i am hitting a wall at 7 pedals. to expand, i will need to do a bit of a forklift upgrade:

i build my board out of wood, so i will need to custom expand that. little home shop project. i am maxing out my 1 spot adapter, so i will need legit pedal power (about 150+ bucks), then i will need to buy the pedal that is prompting this expansion in the first place (probably at least 150+ bucks).

so just because i have run our of power and real estate, a 150 dollar purchase now becomes a 300+ dollar purchase with a weekend project. not to mention i am starting to do a tap dance sometimes with no presets.

why do i do this maddness? because i am a tinkerer, i like switching out individual pedals, fuels my hobby, and i have very particular tastes....i cannot determine if any 1 multi-FX asside from axeFX II would keep me happy.

a multi effects would really cut my cost and my switching abilities.
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I have gone the whole route and back again. I've been playing a long time so I remember when the only pedals available were a fuzz, a wah and maybe later a phase shifter or flanger. Tape echos were so expensive that it took me awile to get my 1st (Guild Copycat) and later I paid big for a Roland Space Echo. If you had one, you were the envy of other players. So in the late 70's pedals became available in all forms. I still own many of my original pedals (I have a box full, about 30) and echos but they collect dust. After awhile the room bands were given to set up in at clubs was getting limited and floor space was an issue. There was no room to lay out a string of peadls so I got one of the first (if not the first) Ibanez programmable multi pedals. Since most of my individual pedals at the time were Ibanez anyway, the sounds were pretty much what I was already using so for years I was pretty happy with this set up along with a wah pedal. One drawback was these earlier pedals were short on processing power so you could not use reverb and echo at the same time. It was one or the other. In the mid-late 90's I bought a BOSS programmable pedal because it had an expression/volume pedal that doubled as a wah pedal and mostly because you could have reverb and echo at the same time. As a wah pedal it sucked and while the overdrives, delays and reverbs were good the other effecets were not so good. Still, I used this peadle for about 10 years untill I bought a VOX VT-30 modeling amp that was programmable and had all the effects available for programming built in. Now my only floor pedal is a wah pedal and the vox switching pedal for the amp.

What I have learned through all of this is that if you want very specific effects you need to pick and choose individual pedals that give you exactly what you want for that paticular effect. If you want to save a lot of money and can live with the idea that a few effects may not be exactly what you want (but you can live with them), buy a multi effects, programmable pedal. You'll be able to program sounds that are unique for individual songs and all your programmed effects and settings are just one stomp away. Also be aware that you need to be a patient person who plans to spend the time learning to program these effects, if you are't you'll be disappointed. It takes time and practically memorizing the manual that comes with these pedals to get what you want. Also I recommend that you don't go cheap. There are a number of pedals under $100.00 like low end ZOOM and Digitech that may seem like a bargain and may be inexspensive but are not user friendly because they only have one or two knobs/controls to program with. If your intention is more a matter of home/studio use or recording, they are probably good, but for live gigs you will find them difficult to move from one pre-set to another if there are only two pedals on the system (move up and move down). You'll understand that immediately if you go to a store and try some different programmable pedals. If you are interested in the 50 or so pre-sets that come in the pedals I personally find that for the most part, they suck. They usually sound like someone on acid programmed them with lots of flangers, delays and wierd sounds but nothing useable in the real world. Lastly I would say that your fellow band mates will be happier because it frees up floor space on the little stage or the corner you will be playing in at the local shot,beer and puke this week end.
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Thanks for the replies. I've been adding up the costs and I'm already nearing what the multi effect would cost that has more features than the 3/4 pedals I would want to buy individually. I've just never tried one before and don't know if for that much money they do a good job modeling all the effects pedals and amps.
I think you should get one and still keep all the pedals and now you have both.

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Quote by FoX KiLLa
The way I look at it is this:
Multifx pedal costs the same as X number of individual pedals.
Does multifx give you the capabilities of >=X number of individual pedals?
That should help you think about your decision.

MultiFX cost WAY less. 5-7 pedals cost the same as a multiFX and a multiFX has a massive amount of "pedals" in them.

Personally I'd get a multi FX and then get pedals that obviously can't be touched and are unique/must have.

It ultimately depends on the pedal, whether it's multiFX or single.

I'm not paying 100 bucks for a tremolo with only a depth and frequency knob, at least needs to have a "shape/wave" feature in there as well.
It depends on what your going for for the cost of an axe fx I can get a good amp and 5–10 good pedals. The largest plusses for the multi fx is convience and ease of recording, the biggest con is your almost stuck with yesteryears gear, even though some of the better mfx do have downloadable patches. As for zoom, digitech, line 6 don't kid yourselves they are annihilated by the actual pedals.
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I love TC's Nova sys... They pop up on CL all the time for around $300 and worth every cent.
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I've acquired a couple of flap-top Costco Bins of pedals over the years.

Mostly use a Pod these days. The Pod HD (bean) is going for $199 on clearance at the moment as they get ready for an "X" version. I recently bought just one Wampler pedal that cost me that much.

Among the pluses of the Pod -- you can set up routing and levels of a half-dozen pedal models i a single stomp and then change the whole mess with a single stomp over and over again. Very difficult to do that with individual pedals.

No electronic issues with connectors and cables and cable ends. No issues with octopus power supplies. No issues with "true bypass" that often isn't. No issues with RF and other noise. No issues with capacitance, etc.

Using the "bean" version allows you to dump it into your gig bag pocket for headphone practice nearly anywhere. Sits on your desk for recording. Mounts on an angled mount for desk or mike-stand placement at near eye level. Several footpedals available for it (most things can be done on the $99 FBV Express, which has an expression pedal, four bank selectors, tuning display, tap tempo setup, etc., but the Shortboard will run everything). The foot pedal required only an ethernet cable from the Pod to run. Cheap cable, no noise, no capacitance, no power supply required for the footboard, etc.

You get to decide if you like the provided FX well enough to make it a "deal" for you. And you can STILL run a standalone pedal or two if you need to.
I've gone through many multi-fx pedals. They're great for seeing what you like, but unless you start investing big bucks, the results won't be as good as individual pedals. The only caveat to that is I think the Line6 modeler pedals are fairly great. That being said, I hardly use pedals anymore anyway.
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I have a multi-fx pedal. I like it, it was worth the money, it's my main pedal, but it doesn't replace having individual pedals in general. I would say get a multi-fx, but continue buying individual pedals you like.
I've been wrestling with this for years. Multi effects are great in some cases. Yes you are technically saving a ton of money because you're getting a crazy amount of effects and amp mods in some cases, but it doesn't have the on the go individuality of of separate pedals. Say you're playing a lead and you want to throw but phase and flange on there, you can't usually on the multi FX without making the patch before.

I prefer the separate pedals not only for the functionality but because I like looking down at my giant pedal board. I love just having it.
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I got a Line 6 M5, it's not bad for delays/reverbs/filters/modulation but the distortion stuff is awful. I'll probably end up getting a separate analog delay but I'll be keeping the M5 because of the Particle Verb and Reverse Delay.