Hey all, I recently purchased an 06 highway one bass with a hard case from a pawn shop for a pretty decent price and now I want to upgrade it a bit; I've got pickups/pickguard/etc. already in mind but I'm not sure what I should get for new tuning heads; I basically want some that are sturdy and nice, and I'd like one of those hipshot de-tuner mcjigs so I can drop my E to D fast and easy since my band goes back and forth with standard tuning to drop D, but I just don't know where to start looking or what tuning pegs would fit and be perfect replacements, so I was hoping for some suggestions and/or some advice in the right direction, if anybody can help, it'd be greatly appreciated.
I can understand the want to hot-rod your bass, but the real question is what do you really need to upgrade? Especially with tuning pegs, unless you have any particular issues with the ones already on there, there's not really a need to upgrade them. Aftermarket tuning pegs can get pretty pricey, so unless the ones you have aren't stable and/or can't hold tune well, I would urge you to consider not fixing it if it ain't broke.

If you want new ones though, the go-to's for aftermarket tuning pegs are Hipshot and Gotoh. Both are popular replacements (on a number of different basses) and both brands come stock on many high-end basses:

Hipshot is the brand that makes the Xtenders (and having had them before I am of the opinion that they are awesome): http://store.hipshotproducts.com/cart.php?m=product_list&c=6 . However, they're pricey, even more so than normal tuning pegs so make sure you really have a real use for one before you slap one on your bass.
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Thank you very much for the reply; you're probably right too, I haven't really had any problems with them yet so maybe I will reconsider for now, the main thing I need for it would be pickups/pickguard, I personally hate the white pickguard it has on now and the sound leaves a bit to be desired, haha, so we'll see.
The Highway One was a great series (I own a few). They were made mostly in the U.S.A., but used a few MIM parts to keep the cost down. The tuning pegs are MIM, so they are metric sized. A tuning key from an American Standard or Deluxe model would be slightly too big, so remember that when you shop for pegs. If you want a Hipshot De-Tuner, then your best bet is to go with a complete set of Hipshot keys; one with a De-Tuner. Otherwise, look at Schaller and Gotoh.
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