This is something that just popped in my head and I was fortunate enough to be able to write it down.
It's not really inspired by anything. I never was in the army or whatever. just a random inspiration spike.

they march towards the enemy
upon the frozen battlefield
The time has come to see
which of these brave men are the first to yield.

The skulls of men that will be forgotten
Unknown to mankind
Psycho-maniacs laughing aloud
How can they be so blind

Bullets soaring through the air
and I'm shaking to the core
Blood flowing everywhere
I'm shouting: "I can't take it anymore"

I awake with a ferocious scream
sweat is gushing off my head
It was just another dream
but maybe, I'd rather be dead

The dreams occur every other night
After the wars I've experienced
The trauma will always stay, no matter how I fight
of this, I am convinced.
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