Hi all!

So I bought a Washburn WD10SCE12 12-string guitar last year January, and I really love it, the sound and everything is just amazing. I'm away at college for most of the year so I haven't had much time to play on it.

So far I can play it okay, like regular rhythm and stuff but I'd like to know, how do I get better at playing my 12-string?
Like, fingerpicking and flatpicking and so on? Are there any particular exercises I should do that might help?

Any help would be much appreciated.
Listen to Leo Kottke for inspiration?

The 12 can be a bit of a beast, not only to keep in tune but to play physically. Requires some muscle and the instrument should be carefully adjusted to give the best playable action.

As to what to study....Double-course string instruments lend themselves well to tremolo picking, Check out some of Roy Clarke's work with the 12 on instrumentals like "Malaguena".

Some artists have taken the thing to very high levels, one fellow came up with a variety of alternate tunings where the doubled strings are not tuned in octaves or unisons, but instead all different and thus a true "12-string". Unfortunately, cant' recall the guy's name... That was years ago.
Kottke was always the acknowledged master of the 12, playing not only with slide but fingerstyle.