Hey there,

I have a fender mustang iii v1. I am currently trying to figure the amp settings (clean and distorted) for Megadeth - A tout le Monde, I''m unable to do that.

Any ideas? Thanks


Fender Mustang III v1
Ibanez RGA42 Black
1.) Setting threads are against the rules here.
2.) I personally love that whole album
3.) Check the fender.com Mustang web site and forums for your answer.
4.) never mind, #4 was removed

I would think any Fender Twin type preset would get you the clean passages and any Marshally British type setting with heavy crunch and mids would be a start for the distortion but I don't know anything about the Mustangs. I've read they are not that good for metal though so if this is going to be a long term problem get a Peavey Vypyr 60. My amp can do Megadeth all day long.