Hi all, I recently got back into guitar after being forced to sell my gear years ago and bought a classical. I was still pretty new when I had to get rid of it before, though.

Anyway for my question. I'm trying the Spanish Romance song in sections, but I'm having trouble on a specific section's fingering. It's


Sorry if that shows up poorly, in trying to do this on my phone. I've been trying to barre the seventh fret, but I'm not getting good sound from the F#. Normally on barre chords, I use the side of my index finger so that I don't get that muffled sound from the b string, but I can't reach the 11th fret doing this and haveit sound consistently good. Should I work on stretching further or do you think there's something wrong with my technique? Thanks
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Hmm, this is one of the first pieces I ever learned. You should be able to barre that. I just grabbed my classical and played through it and noticed that I do flatten my finger instead of using the side of it in this case.
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