Going to stick these on ebay in a couple of days if I can't sell them on here. Will have to add a posting charge on depending on what item you are interested in unless you live locally to me. I live in Kent. Also can take a picture and send it if you really need one but my stuff is in good condition.

Pedaltrain 2 board and soft case - £60. Only used to gig about 20/30 times so good condition. I have already covered it with the velcro strips. The front of the soft case is broken due to useless design. It doesn't carry the main pedalboard, its basically a slot for leads or whatever. The zips broke but I use a safety pin and it works fine. Sure it wouldn't take much to fix anyway.

Also selling these pedals cheaply (all in almost pretty much new condition):

Boss Chromatic Tuner Tu-3 - £40

TC Electronic Flashback Delay X4 - £140
(The pedal is called x4, I'm not selling 4 lots of the TC flashback delay)

Standard TC Electronic Flashback Delay - £80

TC Electronic Reverb Hall of Fame - £70

ISP Decimator Noise Reduction - £80

Zakk Wylde Overdrive Berzerker - £40

Also have a 1spot power supply - £15

Will also be willing to discount if you were interested in picking up a number of the items.