Ok, simple question(s)- Will the Orange FS-1 work with the 35LDX? It says it won't online but I've read some people have used them together plus the amp had the input for a footswitch. Also, would the FS-2 switch between the 2 channels or not work? Thanks.

fine, i'll take a look...

tbh, this is very cryptic. the manual and website say nothing about what pedal you'd need. the closes thing to any resolution i can find is that the description of the FS-2 actually mentions compatibility with the crush pro series (but the pro series is different than the pix series).

using my knowledge that the footswitch only switches between the OD and clean tones then i don't really see a need for anything more than an FS-1 to facilitate that. but there is NO documentation to verify that (either way). i'd say contact orange and ask them directly what footswitch you will need (i can find no way of contacting orange though ).
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