what do you think about this guitar? I saw some reviews online but I was curious about your opinions...
for some reason they don't have a pic on the website, so here is one

Looks pretty much like my ESP M-II. Looks great. Seems you have active pickups, original floyd rose. Neck through or not, it does not matter really. I would try to go to a shop and try to "feel" it with your hands. The neck can be ultra thin or big like the old gibson and this was important (for me) for choosing a guitar.
//Good luck
I have a DS-1. The main differences are that my guitars neck is mahogany, mine has 2 volume and 2 tone knobs, no floyd and it has blackouts, but I think it has the same neck profile. It is really thin but a bit wide-ish. It says there it has a FR special, I heard it's not as good as OFR.
does the floyd rose have an impact on the sound? I could buy the floyd rose original separately and sell the other one. floyd rose original (140&euro and the floyd rose special sells for about (80-90&euro. Are the 50€ worth it?