This is my take on a song by Johnny Moore "Driftin' Blues" from the 1945s.

You can find it at:

For more information about the song:

And if you are interested, you can find me at:

Hope you enjoyed it, cheers. : )
I always wanted to learn this song since watching Eric Clapton's live version on youtube! Never did tho. I Just love this pure raw blues. You did a good job on the guitar playing. But i think the vocals could use some work, maybe try and put a little more heart and soul into it and let 'er rip lol. Just my opinion tho. I never heard Johnny Moore's version, could be im just used to Clapton's vocals. All in all, I enjoyed your cover!

Feel free to check out my band's blues rock cover of Folsom Prison: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1630997
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Thank you so much for the feedback! I appreciate it.
The thing is that singing is something not only outside my comfort zone due to the fact i never did it, but also its one of those "i am figuring out as I go along". So its that awkward situation.

But I know what you mean, and I fully agree!
And thank you, for taking your time, to have a look. ( :

Ou one thing, when you get down to it, its a really easy song to learn, its basic 12-bar blues, you can pick it up in a day probably.
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yeah that is understandable. props for giving the vocals a shot, you did alright! Im stil not that comfortable with my vocals either. Im a drummer and guitarist. i just dont have the voice for it. Thats why i found others who do have a lead singing kind of voice lol
I was always in that position with other people, hence why it only me and my guitar, the position I like to call "YEAH THATS A GREAT IDEA! BUT I WILL NOT DO IT!" .

Everyone always said yes but no one ever followed through, hence why its me and my guitar, and I want to learn to sing, since then its me and I am independent.

Another thing, for me this is a passion project, and to be honest, my plan was "ou its the internet, I will probably get a lot of shit" and I was planing to use that, as a way to better myself and get more confidence and get more accepting of criticism.

But so far, every bit of critisism was incredibly polite and well worded, so I am thinking to continue doing it. And most importantly buying some proper great.

As of now, I am recording everything with a single mic, which I think is a karaoke mic to begin with. So I saved some money up to get some proper, more or less descend mics for the guitar and vocals and a good interface to route everything.

Also, its weird, because this is one of those instances when you go "ou this will be easy" and when you practice, you are much more loose, and my friends, whom I am comfortable around, always said that I sing better when nothing is on, then when it is.

Because as soon as the record button is hit, I start to over complicate things, and tense up. Need to get used to being much more free and natural.

By the way, I looked your video up, and I enjoyed it. It is always nice to see people who are interested in doing something : )
When it comes to recording, you just have to keep doing it and it'll feel more and more natural. Its almost like an art form in itself, it took me years to get used to playing drums to a click track and to make it sound tight yet natural sounding. Same thing goes for performing, you just have to keep playing in front of people to get more comfortable. BTW, if your interested we have some originals you can check out as well. We have a heavy bluesy rock sound. I think you'd dig it.

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It reminds me of Joe Bonamassa sound or Lynyrd Skynyrd something like that!

I am personally not a fan, since I dont like the edginess, I prefer the sound of BB Kind or Eric Clapton. But that is a personal opinion, and when I say that it means, "i dont listen to it in my free time".

However, its great in terms of recording quality, and again, it reminds me of that Joe Bonamassa power, and when you compare someone to someone like him, thats usually a good thing, I think we can agree!

Still, subscribed and like, you defiantly deserve that mate.
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Thanks for listening man! 2 of us in the band are metalheads and the other used to be so that sound is always going to be incorporated into the sound i guess lol. Its more of a hard rock feel than metal though. And yeah Im a huge fan of Joe! That's actually a fan who uploaded that video. Our youtube channel is this one: http://www.youtube.com/user/crucialflames19

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a ok, ill follow that one there then.

Yeah, well its has the hard rock feeling, I would say even Deep Purple-esque, maybe? But its nice, to see when someone just either mixes on incorporates it together, and a lot of times it ends up being a cluster ****, but its nice to hear a balance.

Thats what struck me, how balance that was. : )