Dead man walking, I know!!

Ironically I was telling her that she hadn't set the guitar on the stand correctly and when I touched it, it fell over on a mic stand and the result is below...

It's not SO bad and I know I can't fix it, but I'm wondering if there's a chance that the finish will chip... Someone mentioned putting clear nail polish to prevent this but I'm not taking chances to **** it up even more.

We don't mind leaving it as is but if there's a chance the finish might chip, we'd want to do something, even if only putting a sticker on top...

Opinions welcome
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messed up is a pretty big word..., it's hardly noticeable
If it were my guitar I wouldn't do anything to it, but then again all my guitars have bumps on them.
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messed up is a pretty big word..., it's hardly noticeable

So... can you tell that to my wife?

Anyways I know what you're talking about. We're mostly worried about it getting worse. If it stays the same as it now, there's no problem. Unfortunately the godin website doesn't say what kind of paint they use for this kind of guitar
Just tell people its a battle scar. People that have guitars that are "flawless" most likely don't play them very much - which is cool for some people I suppose - but I don't see the point of having a guitar that you don't play.

With a small bite like this, I don't think you got much to worry about in regards to the finish. The whole guitar is not going to fall apart because of a little scratch and dent.

These are fairly expensive guitars - if your really this concerned about cosmetics then you should probably keep it in it's hard case when you not playing it, or alternatively hang it up on the wall.
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that's just a nick. it won't get any worse than that.
i'm deathly afraid of getting that first battle scar on my guitars( doesn't stop me from playing them but that fear still lingers), but once it finally gets it's first ding.... i'm immediately thankful. that little cloud of DOOM hanging over it is finally gone !
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
looks like an average ding. they don't get worse, or at least none that i've seen have - and i've seen many over the years.
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