I am a beginning guitar player. I play an Ibanez acoustic-electric guitar. I know maybe 10 chords and when on this site, I generally search for chord versions to play. I'm not sure why, but I am having an extremely difficult time learning how to read tablature successfully. I have done Google searches and stuff to try mending this situation but I cannot find answers I'm looking for. I really want to learn how to read tablature so I can advance my playing skills. Is there any websites someone could point me to that help someone like myself to read tablature? I'm not just looking for basic information however. I want to know what a lot of the different symbols are that you find I'm music tab such as ^, notes that are in ()'s, slides, etc and also what I have heard called economy picking as well as anything else that may show up. Could anyone please direct me to some good instructional websites or anything that can help me? All help and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
get a subscription to UG's Tab Pro. it should show you exactly what the tabs mean and when to slide as you'll be listening to it at the very same moment it's highlighted. there are also some very useful videos on Youtube explaining them.
the very best thing to do if you dont have a teacher is to find someone in your area to "bang" around with on guitar. you'll learn much faster if playing with a friend.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
I actually do have a subscription to Tab Pro. To be completely honest, I actually have some mental disorders that I believe are causing my problems in comprehending the reading of tablature. It's really bothering me that something that is supposed to be so simplified in guitar playing is causing me so many problems in trying to learn what I love to do.