So I have recently busted out my guitar from about a year of minimal use and notice a crackling noise with only my neck pickup. The noise is audible when I have everything muted and I can make the crackling go away when i activate my noise gate. When I have my bridge pickup selected this crackling noise goes away. I will say I don't hear the noise when playing and from what I can tell its not really affecting my sound but I don't really know for sure. I just am curious as to what it is and if its something that needs to be fixed or can be easily fixed.
Deoxit on the pots if that doesn't work,
reflow the solder joints,
if that doesn't work, probably replace bad pot.
i honestly would replace all associating pots so maybe both vol/tone or what ever on the neck pickup

this should cover about anything guitar related .

check cables, pedals, as well if none of the above.
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