Hi guys,

Basically, I'm looking for a new acoustic as I have never owned a good one and I haven't plugged my electric guitar into my amp to play for over a month so I felt I needed one. I am also studying A level music at the moment and all the stuff I play is acoustic. The main stuff I like to play is predominately finger style followed by picking (what I mean by this is that I won't be doing stuff like strumming loud chords around a campfire singing songs, all of my music is solo music at the moment)

Anyway, I am looking for quite a bright sounding guitar, not too bright though as I like a good bass response in the low end with a nice warmth but I want nice, crisp highs.

I initially decided on a Taylor GS Mini and was close to buying it at one stage but the more I read about it, the more I began to dislike it, no doubt it's a great guitar. After searching around I found that I could get a Taylor 114 GA at just a bit more than the mini and it seems to be perfect for me (on paper). Unfortunately I cannot try it out as the nearest Taylor dealer is a 2 hour drive away. The nearest decent guitar shop is a half hour drive away and I am hoping to visit him tomorrow. Apparently he has Guilds, Sigmas, Martins, Takamines, Freshmans, Seagulls among a couple others so I'll try as many as I can before he closes hahaha.

What put me off ordering the 114 was that I could get a guild (I could probably get other brands as well) at a similar price with a solid body, not laminate. But from what I have heard I still love the sound of the 114.

Anyway, basically if I don't like any of the ones I try (Rare, I know) I may just bite the bullet and order the 114 online.

Any suggestions on others I should look at in the £400 - £600 range?

Thanks a lot!
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Just remember Guild are not Guild anymore. More like Chinese Fender. Cheers