so, I was hoping someone knowledgable could explain to me just what the hell is happening in this intro:


Am I hearing a single drummer, or 2? I know that Steve Jordan plays on this track, but there appears to be an entirely separate snare going on at the same time. can anyone who's more knowledgeable than myself explain whether I am hearing steve jordan being accompanied by a second drummer (probably brushes on a snare), or whether I am hearing steve jordan alone?
I think there's only one drummer there, its simply that the groove is being played all on the snare, the louder hits are just where the drummer is accenting the note. The hi hat is likely just being played with the foot
Yeah, definitely one drummer. Sometimes, the way a track is mic'd can play tricks on the ear...most professional recordings will have a close mic on the snare side (underneath) as well as a dynamic mic above. The ghost notes are coming through on the bottom mic, accents/hi-hat from the top, which makes it sound like two separate instruments.