I just replaced my strings on my nylon string acoustic recently and my A string snapped. I have all of the strings except an A because an A string was what I needed originally and figured that I should just replace them all. I just want to know, is it ok to use a D string or an E string to replace it until I get another set of strings or would it be best to just wait until I can get new ones?
You could use a D string tuned down as a temporary measure but it will be very slack compared to the other strings. Don't use an E string - that will be far too highly tuned at A.

BTW - it's unusual for an A string to snap, especially if it's happened before - it's usually the D string that goes first in a set of nylons. It might be worth checking the saddle, nut and tuning peg to make sure there are no rough areas that might be causing the problem.
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As Garthman says.... Normally, nylon strings last forever. If you have one that's breaking, there's likely a mechanical problem.
Take note of where the break is occurring and check there for a sharp edge or whatever.
Thanks for the help. It bent when I was playing a song with a lot of bends near the body of the guitar, so I think that might have caused it.