Ok that title was horrible but whatever lemme explain;

I am planning on recording this summer and I don't want to be too noisy to anybody. At my parent's house, there is a shed, and it gets very, very humid in the summertime. It's an all wooden shed, with an exposed interior wall. It has some metal tools in it. And it is you know, that shed shape. I'm not too sure what the exact shape it called, but something like this:
/ \
/ \
| |
| |

But with a fatter base and a rooster perched on top (trivial detail)

So, I plan to stick my amp in there, set up all the mics, and set up my guitar and recording equipment outside so the humidity doesn't mess with my guitar too much.
Good idea or bad idea?
Can't you get a dehumidifier?
They sell it for dirt cheap these days.

If you have something like 99% humidity it'll may not be a good idea, in the first place because you'll most likely drown.
Oh no wait, that's not actual 99% water...
Sorry I'm hanging in the pit too much.

Anyway, unless you leave all of your stuff there for hours (more than 6 I'd say) you shouldn't have lotsa problems, but just to be sure I'd get the cheap dehumidifier anyway.
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Then there is also the concern that it will sound like you recorded in a wooden shed.

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