I have never played an ESP but I own two Epiphone Les Paul's and a 1973 gibson Les Paul. My 2006 Epiphone Les Paul is just as good as my Gibson so if you are looking for a nice Les Paul style guitar that rivals a $3,000.00+ Gibson, I highly recommend an Epiphone Standard.
It depends on which one feels better to you. As for myself, I own a Epiphone Les Paul Standard that I bought in 2008. In my opinion, it's a comfortable guitar to play as well as being well put together.
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In the end, the decision comes down to you, so it doesn't really make a difference if I recommend you one of those, because they are really equally good guitars.

Anyway, I would go with the ESP.
Personally id go LTD, never got on with the necks on any of the several epiphones i owned.
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They're similar guitars. It's really down to personal preferences.
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I was set on getting an Epiphone Les Paul but when I tried it in the shop, I didn't like the neck at all, it seemed quite thick and hard to play. I own an EX-50 which is a good starter guitar in my opinion so the EC-256 is probably pretty good

I would check ebay for some used bargins though first
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Get the EC-256fm. It is a great guitar. My friend just got one and it blows any epiphone out of the water. You won't be dissapointed.
I own an ec-256 and it really isnt my favorite guitar in the world. but for someone who likes rock and is just starting out, I suppose its a good guitar. If you like metal, this is probably not the guitar for you as the pickups and electronics chosen for this guitar are not good. the pickups in particular sound too weak for metal. Rock is a different story.

with a pickup upgrade(and probably a cap change), this guitar will sound marvelous. the neck is great and the frets are well done extra jumbo. stays in tune. the ec-256 also has a maple top. it also has a tummy cut, which I believe is a feature that is overlooked by most people.

I wouldnt be able to say which is better since Ive never played an epiphone ever. but Id still recommend the LTD. again, the pickups are trash for metal.
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