Hey guys

So I have and Ovation Applause (I'm not exactly sure what model it is, but it looks like an AE148) with elixir .10 strings. the guitar itself is about 6 years old (!), and the strings are about a year old now.

I'm planning on buying a new set of strings, elixirs .12 but I'm very worried about the bridge, because it's noticeably bending(but not too much) due to the tension of strings, partly due to it's age I guess.

any opinions and/or advice ?

If the bridge area is already starting to lift, I wouldn't push it.... There are too major reasons for this....String tension itself, and high humidity.
Does your guitar "live" in a humid environment? If so, letting it dry out a bit might take the top back down a bit.
However, if the instrument is 6 years old, you might just be experiencing normal stress.

As one repairman said, "an acoustic guitar is always in a state of very slowly tearing itself apart".

I'd stay with the light strings.
Thank you for the response

I've sort of changed my mind. I guess I'll just get .11's because despite only a .001 difference on high e, I noticed how thicker the low E string is compared to the .10's (from .047 to .052) and I was really going for the 'slap' sound on the low E.
it's an AE148. your not gonna get a whole lot of bass slap outta that shallowbowl. great guitar but you'll need to keep it plugged in to take advantage of it's design. i use med on a couple of my ovations without issues but i'm not experiencing your bridge issues.. like bikey said, it might just be humidity/or lack thereof that's pulling the bridge. easily rectifiable.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)