Hey guitaristas!

As a beginner I always had trouble remembering (anything really) scales, but after I realized that they are just patterns on the fretboard things are 100x easier.

But at some point youll wanna go from scales to whole songs and then wtf. How do you remember a tune? Well besides practicing of course.

If you do the wrong thing when practicing its like a runner going out and hitting as many walls as possible when you could just as easily go around them (patterns).

Please forgive me if this thread already exists in some form.

Learning it by ear. Not just because it's more beneficial for you to learn by ear, but also since you have to listen to it so much while learning it that the form of the tune will get imbedded in your skull. (Atleast that is what it feels like)

I would advice you to aim for something else then patterns, dosen't matter if it's a scale or a song or whatever you're practicing. Patterns are a good start, but learning them as a series of intervalls is even better, and ultimately learning them as sounds that you can create on the spot (having a good ear) is the highest goal.

But yeah, it's all about the ears.
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