I'm writing a song... and so far have a first verse and a chorus and i'm working on another verse or two. I'm wondering if I will need a bridge. I've heard songs that have no bridge... and they are fine, but it seems like most songs do have a bridge before the last verse or last chorus. So .... how do I know when I need to have a bridge in there to make the song "complete" and when I don't? I've been thinking ahead in the song I'm working on and I'm not sure where I will go with a bridge and i'm wondering if maybe this song will be as good without.

Thanks for any thoughts... i'm new to the songwriting and I enjoy reading some of the advice and ideas written here!
do whatever feels right, who gives a shit what everyone else is doing? if you don't know, give it a little time. work with it for awhile.
Well I did end up with a bridge and I'm happy with my song. It's the first song I've written on my own.... had one other that I co-wrote with a friend.