Hello all. I play guitar and I always had a dream of singing while I play the guitar. But due to the work load and some other issues, I could not attend any classes. Now that I want to sing, I'm not able to sing properly and moreover I'm 24 now. I just have no clue if I can ever sing or not.

I have also uploaded a small of bit of my singing along with guitar. please let me know if I really stand a chance for singing..


Thank you.
You have huge pitch issues, but one thing I do like is your use of a blend of falsetto and chest resonance in your lower range.
ignore the post above...doesn't make any sense besides the part about you being pitchy

a big issue for you is under-production, which is giving you a really breathy tone. That, coupled with pitch problems, gives something that isn't pleasant to listeners.

unfortunately, you kind of missed the big part of your vocal development by not training when younger, but that doesn't mean you can't be a good singer, you just won't develop nearly as big of a voice.

If you ever want help, I'm a voice teacher, and would be totally up to giving you a free skype lesson sometime if you're interested. Just send me a PM if you wanna set something up