Sorry if this is the wrong board, but I have been wondering for awhile how loud do most of you guys sing when you do? I feel that I sing better when I sing quieter, as in talking volume vs louder. But what I mean is without a mic obviously making you loud enough for the crowd, do you just talk/sing into it or so you usually raise your voice a little while singing?
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I know I sing quite loud, but I've known some singers who felt like you do and for that reason were very good at singing at low volume. For me, I find I get much better control over my voice and much better range when singing loud. I feel like it allows me to sing from my diaphragm a lot more effectively. It depends largely on the style you primarily sing, in my opinion. For instance, I do mainly garage rock, indie rock, and punk/post-punk, so it makes sense for me to sing louder (plus it's a lot more conducive to whenever I need to scream or put some grit into my voice), but the singers I've known who preferred to sing quieter have usually been mainly into folk or solo acoustic stuff
Depends entirely on the style and feel the song should have. Singing is exactly like playing an instrument in that sense, singing is very dynamic and the best effect is when you use everything responsibly.

Personally when i sing i mostly sing bass in a choir setting, or jazz (Much like Michael Bublé. Choir you generally sing pretty loud, cause you are helping to support the whole bass section, and we aren't miced up. Singing in a jazz setting it depends on the tune, i can pull the mic closer to me/place it further away from me depending on how loud i sing. I generally raise my voice in volume from when i normally talk though.
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