Forgive the ignorance, this is my first post. What is this "tab pro demo" I keep running into when I look at a tab? Is it necessary to buy this program to view tabs, or is there another way that I can just use my guitar pro program?
wrong section but it is a paid service similar to songsterr in that it plays the audio in a midi style for you in your browser along with the tab well worth the money imo.
Ultimate-Guitar basically steals the Guitar Pro files users have uploaded them and they turn them into files for their own pay service, Tab Pro. No need to use them. They are the same as the Guitar Pro files right next to them.
You gotta scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Download Guitar Pro Tab" button.
If you already have guitar pro, you don't need tab pro unless you really want to play tabs in your browser. All tabs listed as tab pro are actually Guitar Pro or PowerTab files as Macabre_Turtle said, it is a bit misleading because UG wants to make some money.