I put a dimarzio evolution bridge pickup in my schecter c1 elite about a year ago that is horribly microphonic. I'm talking low crunch levels of gain and I can hear every tap or bump on the guitar or cable. I potted it a few months ago and it didn't seem to help. So should I try to pot it again or send it back to dimarzio? This is the 3rd pickup I've put in this guitar and had trouble with and I'm about to give up and play acoustic.
Y' know, all pickups are microphonic...

But that's probably not your issue since it's the third pickup you have issues with.
The rest of the electronics on your guitar may be the issue, or maybe your cables, or maybe your amp.
Check with another amp and another cables before, then check with the same pickups in another guitar AND another amp and another cable after that.
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I am aware that pickups are microphonic to some extent but I could probably sing into it and be heard clearly. I replaced the volume and tone pots, and wired it straight with no switches or pots and it the same thing on my 2 amps. Fwiw the first 2 pickups I put in were emg 81's. Both of of which were defective from the factory
The odds of you getting 3 bad pickups in a row, while certainly not zero, and surely astronomically high, so you can understand our skepticism?

Do you have other guitars? (That presumably do not suffer from the same problem?)

I've never seen a pickup that was as bad as what you're alleging, could you perhaps post a video showing us what you're experiencing?
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Kinda sounds like you wired it out of phase, or have a major grounding issue.

Can you post pictures of the wiring?
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The evo in one of my rhythm guitarist's guitars is terribly microphonic too. Is this a common problem with the evo maybe? I haven't had anything to do with them before.
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