Hey all, was hoping I could get some advice/suggestions.

Just won a '68 Fender Bandmaster head off eBay, and now my search begins for an extension cabinet. This is my first foray into the world of heads and cabs; I've always used a combo up until now. The head puts out 40W at 4Ohms, and I was looking to get a 2x12 cabinet, so I think that means I need two 8Ohm speakers?

I'm going to be using this amp for practice and gigs, so portability is a definite consideration. Trying to avoid a "vintage" sound, but looking for something that will lend itself to a few pedals (fuzz, distortion). I have a budget of about $300ish.

Thanks in advance
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Look into Avatar, excellent cabs at a good price. And you can have your choice of speakers
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Avatar would be my first choice but I DON'T think you'll be able to get a new one for $300. Mine was $425 and that was several years ago. The cool thing is you pick the style, tolex and speakers. You might be better off finding a used speaker cabinet.

Where abouts are you? Maybe I can find you one.

But yeah, 2 - 8 ohm speakers wired in parallel = 4 ohm total
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used cabs are the way the go as far as getting bang for your buck IF it has good speakers. down the road if you want somthing new keep the speakers or sell the cab and keep the speakers than put them in other cabs.
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