This is kind of a dual theme thread about two guitars and two pickup combinations.

GUITAR A: I have a Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus (removed the neck finish - now a bright guitar) in which i have the SD JB4 / Jazz combo but i find the jazz pickup too bright and could use a bit more output.

Is the SD 59 the pickup i'm looking for? A little more output, more sustain, a little less highs than the Jazz?

GUITAR B: I also have a Schecter Omen 6 Extreme tuned in B Standard with a SH-6 that i absolutely am in love with but the neck pickup is horrible on this guitar. I never got a decent clean on this guitar.

Is the SH-2 Jazz a good match for the Duncan Distortion? Looking for cleans mainly here and a good position in the middle of them.

In my experience, the duncan distortion is brighter than the JB4, so maybe the Jazz that was too bright for the JB4 will be just right for the SH-6, right?
may like the Dimarzio Crunch Lab/Liquifire combination. i put those in my Ibanez Prestige 2570EVSL, and i love them.

its Petrucci's signature set and comes on the EBMM JP6 guitars.

the liquifire is as smooth as glass and just generally a great neck pickup. not too bright not too dark.

i really like the crunch lab, its got some balls without sacrificing on anything else, still well balanced. HOWEVER not sure how it would do on an LP.
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i'd have said the '59 was brighter than the jazz, but I haven't tried them in the same guitar to be sure.
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the 59 in my Mahogany tele gets a really nice clean sound out of it. both full humbucker and coil tapped. Bright yet still warm.
Might be worth seeing if you can track some guitars down to play that have a 59 already in the neck
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The '59 is brighter than the Jazz, but not by a whole lot. I've got a '59 in the neck of my Flying V, overall I'm a big fan of it... except for the low end. SH-1's have a boomy low end that's hard to dial out.
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What amp are you playing through? That'll give us a much better idea of your situation.
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SH6/Jazz is a great combo and will work in the omen 6
both my 6 and 7 have that combo and it really balances nicely and has a lot of punch.
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