Since Jake has reemerged, I have been going over some of his tunes I wanted to be able to play when I was a youngster. There is one specific trick he does that I just cannot get a handle on. In the song "Thank God For The Bomb" around the 3:25 mark he makes a very unique, and quite cool imo, sound.

I tried to YouTube it, but really not much on that song from other players. I think it is a two handed technique and he is bending the strings behind the nut while tapping a harmonic or getting some really cool feedback, but just not sure. He sure had some pretty slick techniques in those days.

Has anyone learned this? Would love to hear about it!
I can't play my guitar right now to check it out but for me it sounds like he plays a note while using the whammy bar, then pull of the note to an open string and immediately after touches a natural harmonic. I'm not sure I'm explaining it very well, but it's the first thing that came to mind.
He doesn't use a bar on his guitars, but he may be mimicking behind the nut with open to harmonic. I appreciate your input!
He's bending an E to an F# on the 14th fret of the D string, and tapping the octave harmonic which is behind the Neck P'up pole pieces on my Strat. You can bend the 9th fret G string and tap right on the 21st fret wire and release the bend....doesn't sound as full though.

Here's a quick vid to show you, but I'm pretty sure he's on the D string using a higher gain sound and humbuckers. Just dig into that bend like your life depends on it to get the feel. Bear with me, I've never taped myself doing something like this...but you should be able to see what I'm doing.

Tap Harmonic

Edit: Sorry the wrong link was originally attached. Oops.
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That's signature Jake You can hear it on a couple of badlands songs aswell as on 'Deceived' (there was a massive grin on my face when I heard that *squeal* after so long, on a new song!)

The way he does it is he 'pre' bends the G string behind the nut, taps a harmonic on a fret (sometimes it's the 5th fret, sometimes it's the 12th, but I think it's the 12th most of the time)

Here's the clearest videos I can find of him doing it.

He does it at around 5:04 on this

And at around 2:08 on this

At around 14:05 you can see his hand is around the 12th fret, so I think he taps the 12th fret most of the time.
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