have you ever felt like a slave??

Authority loves you until you turn

unless it is ruled by something else that
must defend you

(if you are a tool for money -

the hammer hits the nail
the hammer hits your nail
you curse
you throw the hammer

you carry on
and blame yourself)

(if you are a tool for comfort -

you kiss the soldier
he smiles
you kiss him again
he smiles
you kiss another soldier
he smiles
the first one hits his face
the first one hits your gut
he curses
you cry
he curses

you smile

you carry on
and blame yourself)
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I didn't understand why you have the baracate "(if you are..."

good work here
feels like there is a lot unsaid in between the lines here. just beneath the surface. i got the impression of an abusive relationship, people using each other. i liked this.