Hi there. I am looking for some beginner jazz songs to transcribe. I´ve done Autumn Leaves. Any suggestions? I play guitar, but the song doesn´t have to use that instrument.
Thank you in advance.
I would suggest you check out the work of a guitarplayer named Russell Malone. Russell's work is great for starting off learning jazz/learning simpler jazz. His lines are generally slower and not too "out there" unlike players like Pat Martino.

Other then that, i suggest checking out Miles Davis tunes. Miles often had the "less is more" approach, which makes his material a good starting point and at the same time allows you to learn from one of the greatest jazzers ever. Check out the "Kind Of Blue" record, and see what you like from there.

John Coltrane has a lot of easier songs you can transcribe aswell, and saxophone lines generally transition well to guitar. "Coltrane for lovers" can be a good starting point, it contains mainly ballads and slow tempo tunes. It will give you a good introduction as well as give you some inspiration for ballad-type songs.
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