Hi guys!
This is a first for me on this forum.
First of all, I really love Ultimate guitar! It allowed me to learn so much. I practically only play with that and that's why I bought the app for my Ipad. I decided to just try it first. You know, just to see if I like it. So i took the one month subscription and now i want to upgrade for the "lifetime" one. I know it might sound noob of me, but I don't seem to find how to do it... When I touch "Account" the only thing it allows me to do is to logout or login... For me it would be the logical place to put something like that there. When i go to the appstore and check for "In-app Purchases" I see the Lifetime access but if I press it, it doesn't do anything...
So here's my question: How the hell do i upgrade my subscription?

Thank you for your answers and have a good one!