ESP LTD EC 10 or Ibanez GRG 170 DX or Epiphone Les Paul Special II or Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J or V?? - for a beginner guitar. The Yamaha was voted the best beginner guitar - I heard/read somewhere. Does that mean much or its just a marketing thing?


Vox VT 15 or Marshal MG15 CFX or Orange Crush pix cr35ldx? - again for a starter amp.

Also if you think something might be better (in this price range) please do suggest, I will see if they are available here, where I'm from.

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I can't really give in depth advice but I can say that the Ibanez guitar is pretty good for the price, but you'll need to block the trem system in the back if you want to play around with tunings and for better tuning stability in general. I still use that guitar now

My second bit of advice is to stay away from the Marshal you mentioned. According to everyone on here, the MG series is a terrible amp. I recommend the peavey vypyr for a starter amp. It comes in a 15 watt version too for a little more money than the Marshal. The Vypyr is a very versatile amp and can be used for many genres.
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The Eipiphone Les Paul 100 should still be in your price range and its a step up (maybe a couple) from the Special. I got mine used, but they retail more or less for around $250. Not sure about the amp though... I was going to get a Vyper 1 (about $130 USD), but came across a used Fender Frontman 25R and I loved how it sounded with the Epi LP. Good luck!
Ibanez GRG is a great guitar for begginer in my opinion. Don't buy that Marshall, it's one of the worst practice amps.
The Pacifica, out of those four.

And get a Roland Cube or a Peavey Vypyr for an amp.
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Amp - The Vox!!!
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