Hey guys, here's some tabs I laid out for a new song I'm working on. I'd like some feedback... The vocal melody is still iffy, and I'm still working on lyrics, but I thought I'd tab out the vocal melody I kind of hear in my head for this. The vocals are muted by default, but if you like what you hear without vocals, go ahead and unmute them and see what you think afterwards.
one last thing.gp5
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Sounds like Projector era Dark Tranquillity if they went full hog.

I think overall its just a bit too long, and the same chord patterns in the riffs just kind of.. grate a bit. You also need to work on your drum rhythms, legit crit there.

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Sounds like Projector era Dark Tranquillity if they went full hog.

Second that!
I think you could use some more cymbals, in parts like bar 47-50, and put them on the same spot as the snare in the chorus for a bigger impact. Also, for the fills, I think you use too much snare, you could replace some of them with the toms, bass pedal or even the ride cymbal.

I also agree with EpiExplorer on the length of the song. It drags on for too long and it makes it kinda boring, even with vocals. I suggest making the verses and pre-choruses shorter.

I know you didn't post C4C, but here's my song just in case you want to crit it back, no compromise