Anyone familiar with this model as compared to a comparable-Larrivee, Blueridge, Martin, Gibson, etc etc???
Hey man, I used to have an Eastman 122ce not sure how that compares with the model your looking at. It was about $500-$600 and served me very well. It lasted me quite a long time. Something to take into consideration with eastmans is that they are all handcrafted which is a really nice quality to have. The reason they are so inexpensive is because you aren't paying for the name like you are with Martin or taylor
aren't the 100 and 200 series eastman guitars solid top with lam b&s and made by a third-party manufacturer in korea? the E20D is all solid, made in china by eastman itself, and i'm a huge fan of the MIC eastmans. the E10P and E20P are freakin' awesome, and all the eastmans i've played from the 400 series on up are not only fine guitars but good value. the reason they cost less is partly because the all-solid martins and taylors are made in the u.s., where some very nice guitars are made but wages, taxes and other stuff for employees is more expensive.

btw, i find that the eastmans i've played sometimes cost more than other MIC guitars, but wow, are they ever nice. my favorite is probably the ac822, which i think they discontinued, but it blew me right out of the water with its gorgeous tone and finish.
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