Guitarist mainly, so please excuse my lack of knowledge of basic information.

Long story short, bought a used P bass a few years ago for recording purposes. It has the exact same strings on it that it came with, and they still feel/sound fine to me. How long are bass strings supposed to last, am I just crazy, or is this kind of thing normal where strings last for literally years without degrading?

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They can last a couple months to a few years depending on the wrap wire.
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Bass strings will last a lot longer than guitar strings. Some bassists will not change a string until it breaks, but this applies mostly to people who play flatwound strings. Assuming you play regularly, your strings could last a couple of months. If you are just knocking around from time to time, they could last for a year.
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Bernie Edwards of Chic loved playing with really dead roundwounds. Some people love that sound and if it works for you, so be it. So basically, they last until you hate the sound or they break, which ever comes first.

For me, with rounds, I can play regularly for about 3 months before they sound awful to my ears.
Are bass strings further away from breaking tension than guitar strings? That could be why they last longer.
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Well; they do break, and when they snap under tension, that flying string end can be lethal! Breaking a bass string also induces a swearing fit similar to Tourette's Syndrome because they cost so damned much. The reason bass strings last so much longer than guitar strings is because of their mass. They are simply huge compared to slender guitar strings. The wire wrap is thicker, as is the core. Also, because they are so much larger than guitar strings, the wear they receive as a result of being fretted is far less than that on a guitar string. The wear spot at each fret affects a much smaller area on the string.
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley
There’s no reason to replace them if you like the way they sounds and the fretboard doesn’t need cleaning. There are guys out there getting insane tone out of fifteen year old strings > pbass > SVT.