Poll: wats ur favort type of squid
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View poll results: wats ur favort type of squid
flying squid
3 10%
glass squid
2 7%
colossal squid
10 33%
vampire squid
4 13%
giant squid
7 23%
jewl squid
0 0%
joubin's squid
1 3%
bigfin squid
2 7%
hooked squid
1 3%
grimaldi scaled squid
0 0%
Voters: 30.
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Squids are members of the cephalopod family, comprising over 300 subspecies. What sets them apart from other cephalopods is their variation in sizes, shapes, colors, ect. Also some squids can fly.

anyways wuts ur fav squid

glass squids ftw
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your mom.
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The Humboldt squid is pretty terrifying. Anything that requires Steve Backshall to go into the water wearing f*cking CHAIN MAIL over his diving auit and still almost has his arm broken is the lapdog of Satan.

And Steve is a guy who willingly gets stung by bullet ants.
Whatever kind they sell at the bait shop.
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Dance in the moonlight my old friend twilight

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That's actually a tiny bit frightening
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i love all squids equally
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I asked my friend and she said giant squid so thats the one I picked

Is your friend Asian by any chance?

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Banana squid


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What is this?
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