hello guys
what do you think about this amp and cab? I saw it online for 1800€ used. Is it worth it, how is this amp? I mostly play heavy metal, symphonic metal and thrash metal. Good cleans are also needed.
The perfect amp!
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
How's life 311?? If you go with the 5150iii check out xotic ep booster.
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
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is it good at lower volumes too? because I saw it has 8 preamp tubes

The amp is great at any volume. It's hard to get any bad tone out of it. I had one for a year, & I only sold it because I already owned an SLO 100 & Mojave Scorpion, & the 5150iii is just too big & heavy to lug around (I'm getting very lazy as I get older )
I'm going to get the 50w version or a combo version if available as soon as I can scrape together some extra cash, because I love how easy it is to dial in tones.
I guarantee you won't be disappointed with that amp!
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Thanks to everyone guys, I'm gonna use it with seymour duncans blacksouts and emg 81/85
I've got a ltd ec1000 with 81/60's and they sound Amazing!!
Playing on some new gear....review to follow

I love the amp. I'm gonna pick one up when I find a good deal.

I got to use one quite a bit the last time I was in a studio. I actually mixed it on the 2nd channel with my JCA50H for my dirty tones. It sounded so big
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