I am having trouble on simple alternate picking. I never really noticed how bad I am at this. I can tremelo pick very fast, and even play a couple of intermediate solos. I am trying to learn Efilnikufesin by Anthrax and I feel like I have taken a low blow. The song sounds so easy when I listen to it. Here is the part I am mostly referring to. (rest of the song is this similar rhythm speed I guess)


It is 2 open notes, 5 times. And then 3rd/to/4th/to/5th fret two times. Sounds easy right? Well not really. When I alternate pick and count, my wrist tightens up and I am limited to how fast I can pick. However when I just let my wrist loose and pick fast, its REALLY fast; BUT I have no idea how many times I am picking. I am sorta close to getting it, however I feel like im sorta hitting a brick wall because I just cant get it without going too fast and messing it up, or going too slow and not catching up. Any advice?
Post a video. sounds like the standard problem many players have of tightening up and doing more of a spasm when trying to play fast simply because they don't have the technique required yet to play fast and relaxed. As i said though - post a video