I am considering building my own 7 string V. I will however order the neck. I have some questions because I have never built a guitar before. I have repaired my own necks/head stocks, bodies, bandings, and joints on both acoustics and electrics. I have a lot of wood working experience and a large collection of quality tools to do the job. My questions relate to some of the technical aspects of the build.

First, bolt on, set, or neck through? I am NOT concerned with what might happen if the neck breaks. So that is not a plus or minus to me. But I am curious about things like if there would be too much tension to go with bolt on? Will the neck need regular adjusting because of this. If I bang the neck or head stock will that jack things around easily? If a set or neck through is a better choice, I am thinking that a neck through design is a better choice. For one thing, if it is a set neck, I'd have to also order a body, probably from the same company so that the neck and pocket are matched. I don't really want to buy a body because I want to design my own shape and size. With a neck through I can make it what ever I want. Also, I like the fact that you can easily get to the upper frets on the neck through.

Second, what wood for the neck. I am leaning towards mahogany for the neck because I definitely want mahogany for the body. However I am looking for suggestions about this.

Third, fretboard? Is there a significant difference between the different fretboard material? Also, fret wire? Is there something significantly different about a 7 string that would change what otherwise is standard? I'm not a total shredder so I don't need superfast action.

Forth, bridge? Is a Floyd Rose tremolo over the top? I am leaning that way. I don't use my other tremolos that often as it is, and with a V, there is a lot of great sounds coming off that guitar that I wonder it it is just wanton desire to have a tremolo too? Additionally, that is a lot of material to remove from the body that can kill the sustain. I know that there are a lot of other factors involved in sustain besides the mass of the body.

Fifth, humbucker/pickup? What configuration? 2 or 3 humbuckers or HSH? Seymour, EMG, DiMarzio, Porter, Gibson?

I don't think I will be finishing the body natural/stained. I think I will be painting it. The neck may be stained. I haven't decided on that yet.

Let the chaos begin!

Thanks for your suggestions, Scott
1. A bolt-on or set neck would be easier, IMHO. There's not much between them, except the fact that you can further adjust a bolt-on if you don't quite get the neck pitch correct. Where are you ordering the neck from?

2. I'd go for maple - it's cheap, strong, and might save your guitar from sounding super bassy with all of the mahogany. The tonal impact is obviously up for debate.

3. Ebony is sexy, feels nice and you can get a beautiful, mirror finish on it. It's more expensive than something like rosewood. Tonality? Ebony is supposed to give you a little more brightness and attack/snap on your notes, whereas rosewood should be slightly warmer. Again, up for heavy debate.

4. A Floyd Rose would be a royal pain in the ass for routing and set-up. A Tune-O-Matic is easier on the set-up, because you don't have to worry about under-string radius gauges or anything, but you're looking at 3-5° neck angle. Something like a Gotoh hardtail is a good bet, because it's a relative low bridge and you can get away without a neck angle (just have the fingerboard 2-3mm higher than the guitar body), and it's string-through for sustain gurus.

Note: My Alexi-600 is alder with a Floyd and you can definitely tell that it's missing a massive chunk of the body. The sustain is still great, but it kills the low end.

5. Whatever you like. HH is easy, HS looks cool, I love EMGs. Buy used and try some stuff out.
Thanks for the input. I was going to start talking to Warmoth but sometimes they are not easy to work with. There are other places of course. Looking at around $700 max for the neck. This includes several customized details.

A maple neck for bolt on or set makes some sense but I'm not sure about that if it were a through. There's a big difference between maple and mahogany. I feel like that would really get bright.

For electronics I'm not sure what all the options are for 7 strings so some of it is going to be determined by that I imagine do they have push pulls for 7s? I have the EMG 81 and 85 on my LP and I find them lacking in clarity. I was hoping they would have been a bit hotter too.