Poll: Which floorboard for a live cover band?
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1 20%
Line 6 HD500x
4 80%
Voters: 5.
So I've played with a cover band before, I actually used my Roland Cube 30 watt through a P.A. system and got pretty decent results for our musical range. I've been "invited" to play for another cover band, but this time the song list is far more diverse. I've got a list of 80 or so songs including artists like CCR, Zac Brown Band, Tom Petty, Everclear, Johnny Cash, Sublime, The Eagles, AC/DC, Seven Mary Three, Days of the New, Bob Dylan, TOOL, Ben Harper, Pink Floyd...the list goes on, and will only grow as time goes on. One thing we want to do is to keep these songs very recognizable, through both melodies and tones. I will be the only guitarist, and we have a large full-range P.A. to run through. After decent research, the two units I've narrowed it down to are the BOSS GT-100, and the Line 6 Pod HD500x. I love BOSS products, love the feel of the switches, the COSM modeling on my Cube souds great to my ears, and I can only imagine the GT-100 takes it up a few notches. On the other hand, I had a Line 6 HD147 head a while back, and all the amp models sounded and felt better than the other modeling stuff out at the time (in my opinion, of course...and it was pushing 2 Marshall 1969A 4x12's. It was a beast). Reviews on youtube still leave me on the fence...both have dual signal chains, both seem to have excellent connectivity options, but what it comes down to for me is which one has the most useable tools.

I know these are both their respective companies "flagship" floor processor. What I'm looking for in this thread is any real-world experience with these units, especially in a diverse cover band live setting.
I've tried a GT100.
Didn't like it.
I mean it was funny but it didn't sound good.

Can't speak for the POD 'cause I haven't tried one in person, though from stuff I hear on the internet, it blows the GT100 away.
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The amp Sims will be more usefull on the pod. I'd higy recommend trying it with your amp, although I think you can run straight into the PA with the pod. Don't quote me on that though.
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